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How much does a website cost?

There is no easy answer to that question. It all depends on the complexity and time involved in creating a website that will satisfy your vision. To help you decide, I have put together some approximate costs that will cover most scenarios.

Basic website: Up to £700 
You will probably have 4 pages of content and may need the option to add more later. At this stage you don’t need people to find you on Google as you get all your business via recommendation.

Standard Business Website: Up to £1,250
If you don’t want to spend a great deal on design, something off the shelf with your logo may be suitable, and I can jazz it up a little if you require. Perhaps you want me to add about 10 pages of your own content? At this stage you don’t need the site to be found on Google.

Standard Business Website with SEO: Up to £2,000
It all depends on how many pages you need Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) on. SEO helps Google and other search engines to find your website and put it at the top of the list.

Dynamic Business Website: Up to £7,000
You need me to design a great website, unique to you and your business? Then you may need some of the following capabilities: Interactive Forms, Blog/Newsletter, Forum, Calendar appointments, Database, Mailshots, Support Tickets.

It is much more cost-effective if you can provide your own content, but if you need help in creating content, I can provide it at a competitive rate.

Which Website?


Basic website with 4 pages, e.g. Home Page, Services Page, About Page and Contact Page. 


Website with up to 10 pages of content, Company Logo and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). 


Website unique to you and your business with Interactive Forms, Blog/Newsletter, Forum, Calendar appointments, Database, Mailshots, Support Tickets, Document download capability.

None of the above?

"If none of the above is a perfect fit, you can mix & match to suit your requirement."
"Maybe you want me to maintain your site with regular updates."
"Domain administation and hosting costs need to be paid each year in advance."
"I can take care of all that for you or I can show you how to do it."

About me, Pat Fleck

Pat Fleck

I have developed integrations with the major DIY companies in the UK, Germany and France. SAP implementations Order to Cash, Logistical solutions via German company ECL of Lübeck. Order Processing, Advanced Shipping Notifications, Invoices, Credit Notes, Purchase Orders.


Over 50 % of non-desktop BBC News traffic comes from just four devices.

Seeing how real content interacts with visual elements is crucial. There's no way to do this properly in a static environment.

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