About Modified Fish

Modified Fish are Pat & Ben Fleck

I can't pin down any one artist as my main influence but there have been many over the years that I have collected and absorbed, from Rock & Roll, Country, Alternative, Heavy Metal and even good old fashioned love songs.

It probably started with Elvis, Gene Vincent and Jerry Lee, then The Beatles and The Stones and all that 60's scene really woke me up musically. Then came T.Rex and Bowie who was a massive part of my musical journey in the 70's and beyond. Talking Heads were another massive influence, David Byrne was immense.

Some influences

It wasn't until later that Van Morrison entered even though I knew about him via Them and later "Brown Eyed Girl". You can listen to my tribute to Van here - "Van The Man". I can't leave out Johnny Cash, when I was in a country band called "Cactus" in the 70's with my brother Jim and cousin Martin we used to do a few JC numbers.

My Gear

My precious... Original American Fender Strat I've had this guitar a long long time. "I Love You" was the first song I recorded using this baby. I might have also used it on "Johnny Diamond", but I'm not 100% sure. It was a long time ago you know. I use an Aria ProII Bass that I've had since I was 21 and I've got a black Farida Acoustic plus some other cheapos.


I use Studio One Professional for all my recording. I've also got Harrison Mixbus and Mixbus 32C. Mixbus is brilliant for mixing and maybe some recording finishing touches. I use mainly Waves plugins but also SoundToys, Izotope, Klanghelm, Nomad Factory, Native Instruments, Sample Magic and many more, but the ones mentioned are my favourites.